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Contemplative Finance Technologies

Our innovation is born of intensive academic ideation and feasibility studies evaluating the unmet needs of global populations as it relates to financial technology.

Our technology helps organisations support, measure and improve employee/customer financial wellbeing whilst helping organisations deliver on their client/customer social responsibility objectives. Aligned to the 'Good Health and Wellbeing' U.N Sustainable Development Goal, Money Story Technologies provides a comprehensive financial wellbeing coaching technologies that helps organisations to deliver and improve stakeholder financial wellbeing whilst developing positive financial behaviours and financial competence.

Our aim mission is to move 100 millions people worldwide from financial anxiety to financial competence.

Our app offers digital experiences that rewards users for actualizing in their money lives serving as a life partner as they navigate money. The app offers simple painless insights, ideas and tasks to optimise financially with simple automated tools to realise financial progress. 

Improve Stakeholder Financial Wellbeing

Deliver financial wellbeing via our mobile app to all stakeholders. Available on IOS and Android, our app delivers personalised gamified financial wellbeing experiences whilst rewarding users for driving their money stories.

Efficiently Manage Resources and Interventions

Our platform enables organisations to deliver financial wellbeing digitally and at scale ensuring better user of much need face to face engagement to the most needing stakeholders. This insight offers great overview to assess interventions. Additionally, resources such as personnel, travel and associated time can be better utilised.

Evaluate Impact 

Our dashboard gives an overview of user financial wellbeing trends based as well as key money markers such as levels motivation and optimism as well as benchmark financial competency. This insight offers great overview to assess interventions.

Social Community and Financial Coaching at hand

Our online communities offer a safe space to communicate, share and learn from peers and qualified financial coaches with signposting to additional specialised support where needed.